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YES. We have consulted with Colorado licensed legal counsel and none of our activities are unlawful. As a private club, our activies are legal when done in private by consenting adults. We only accept dues to share expenses related to club maintenance, and no participants are being paid to engage in any activities.
All club events can be found on our Calendar page.
the club location is not published publicly to protect the privacy of our members, staff and property. To get details information on club location, parking info and what you need to bring to become a members and attend our events, head over the homepage and sign up for our email notifications. Once you submit your information, we will send an automated message with all the details.
Attendance varies, and not every member attends every event. Generally our events draw 20 to 50 guys; however it's worth mentioning that even if attendance is lower than your expectation; we find that the quality of the guys in attendance is more important than the quantity.
Our members' ages range from 21 to +70, with more than 50% in their mid 30's - mid 40's. We do not screen members based on age, other than being 18 years of ago or older for legal purposes.
Denver Jacks was created for a specific reason: To jack off with other men, PERIOD. We understand that guys have interest other than jacking off; but this is not the place for these activities. If you are seeking more than jacking off, you will be disappointed. Members who violate club rules regarding oral/anal contact will be asked to leave and may have memberhsip privledges suspended or permanently revoked; and may not be allowed to attend future events.
You are in charge of your own body, and you are not required to touch or be touched by another member. Red wristbands are available at check-in, which, when worn; will signal to other members that you do not wish to be touched.
Masturbation doesn't have an orientation. We are a group of men who enjoy jacking off with other men. If you enjoy watching and/or playing with other men while jacking off, you will fit right in. At no time do we ask anybody to disclose their sexual orientation and/or marital status. Nearly 40% of our members identify as straight or bi-sexual.
Our Code of Conduct defines Minimum Participation as stripping to underwear. You should also be ready to be amongst other men who are masturbating and who may invite you to masturbate with them. Beyond that, you are in charge of your own level of participation. You don’t have to touch anyone or let anyone touch you, although mutual touch within the bounds of the Code of Conduct is welcome, common, and encouraged. Your body belongs to you only, and we absolutely honor and celebrate that. With respect to nerves, we accept that as natural for first-timers (though not everyone is!). We encourage you, when you’re ready, to come give it a try. Spend more than a few minutes in the space and we’ll bet the nerves just melt away
Yes, we provide lockers for members to stow their belongings during the events.
No, we do not provide any shower facilites at the club. We do provide cloth hand towels; and hot, moist towels for cleaning up. We also provide handwashing sink, and mouthwash for before or after your visit.
We are required to vefity and record some personal information about everyone who becomes a members and attends our group events. This is a legal requirements and cannot be circumvented for any reason. Members are not required to give others any personal information, including real name; you are free to use a nick-name or suedoname if you prefer with others in attendance. We understand that our members privacy is important, and DNVR Jacks does not share, distribute or publish members personal information to anyone for any reason, expect under legal subpoena or legal proceedings. All personal information is only seen by club leadership.
Yes, Denver Jacks does allow them. Please use with care and avoid spills.
At Denver Jacks, we provide everything you will need to have a great time, including lube. Denver Jacks is proud to offer Bator Balm brand premium lube, a lube favored by our club and its members. If you prefer you can bring your own lube of choice. The club also provides hot, moist hand towels for cleaning up before and after your visit.
The clubhouse is only open to members during scheduled events. Leadership members and club volunteers may be on site during regular business hours to conduct the business of running the club and other administrative tasks; we do not allow members access to the clubhouse other than those listed on the calendar of events.
Denver Jacks welcomes anyone who identifies as a man, regardless of physicality. The great majority of our members are cis-gender male. It is important to underscore that every member of Denver Jacks, including any man with a vagina, is required to honor the Code of Conduct, including rules governing consent, mutual respect and non-penetration. We do absolutely maintain our identification as a club for men. What we don’t do is define what constitutes a man. We do not permit any female-identified individuals to enroll or participate in Denver Jacks events.
Denver Jacks encourages men to commune together and enjoy the sights and sounds of everyone masturbating together. There are no private room or area that can limit member access, instead the clubhouse is a large open area with ample places to sit, stand or lay down. All seating is covered in fresh linens prior to each event and refreshed as needed by club attendants.

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