Denver Jacks is a private club governed by a set of parameters that define how all members and club officials interact physically and socially in the context of the club.  All members and prospective members must read, understand and agree to adhere to these parameters.

Denver Jacks events are meant to be socially, emotionally and legally safe.  To this end, we all agree to observe and maintain these parameters.  Because we all value our group experience, and because we all understand that the parameters make that unique experience possible, we are self-policing.  We do not have a need for “enforcers” and each agree to help each other monitor activity and stay within the constraints of our stated rules.


[Brief Edition]

  1. Masturbation only.
  2. Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything.
  3. DO: Masturbate self, show off, watch, touch others with consent.
  4. DON’T: Oral sex, anal contact, docking or anything without consent.
  5. Everyone strips naked or to underwear, a jock or T-shirt.
  6. Cum verbally, with words. Get consent before cumming on others.
  7. Ask First. Say “May I?” before touching another member’s body.
  8. Maintain confidentiality.
  9. Never disclose anyone else’s identity.
  10. Never attend when sick.
  11. Never bring alcohol or drugs and don’t show up intoxicated.
  12. Be clean. Wash hands. Use mouthwash. Do not wear fragrance.
  13. Chat quietly. Don’t distract others with loud, un-sexy talking.



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